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   David N Hall

 Painting at
 Dore Abbey in
(he is a guide at the Abbey)


David Hall was a chorister at the Queen's Chapel of the Savoy when at the London Choir School.

He spent18 years as a bass with St Paul's Knightsbridge Festival Choir, London, and is currently with the choir of the Gwent Bach Choir, www.gwentbachchoir.org in Abergavenny.  He runs the Choir's web site.


1998-2011 under the instruction and guidance of Jane Anderson Wood.

2012- Courses, workshops and guidance of Niel Bally.

Some paintings by David N Hall.

* * * * *

His father's paintings - William Noel Hall.


Copies (mainly impressionists).

Provenance uncertain.

A passing interest - D N H

I am growing a variety of figs from cuttings here in Wales, and demonstrate the method I have found most productive and interesting.