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  Contributions to the books:
Expeditions. J Blashford-Snell & A Ballantine.  David Hall contributes 1977. Faber and Faber ISBN 0 571 11021 5.

Tales from the Map Room. P Barber & C Board.  David Hall contributes 1993. BBC Books ISBN 0 563 36784 9.

Adrar Bous Archaeology of a Central Saharan Granitic Ring complex in Niger.  J Desmond Clark.  David Hall contributes  Peeters 2008   ISBN 978 9 0747 5243 5.




Journal papers and articles by David N Hall
1965 David Hall. Recent expeditions to Libya from the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst. With M A J Williams. Geogrl J. 131, 4: 482-501.

1966 Some experiences of acclimatization to a hot-dry climate. Royal Military College of Science J. 4, 3:247-250.

1967a A simple method of navigating in deserts. Geogrl J. 133, 2: 192-205.

1967b Further notes on navigating in deserts. Geogrl J. 133, 4: 508-11.

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1979  Expedition navigation.  Survey & Training Committee, Royal Geographical Society.


1966  The Heilbron Prize for article in the journal of the Royal Military College of Science awarded to David Hall.

1972  David Hall awarded the Mrs Patrick Ness Award of the Royal Geographical Society.

1992  David Hall made Honorary Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society.

1998  David N Hall appointed Officer of the British Empire (OBE).

2000  David N Hall awarded Honorary Membership of the Foundation for Science and Technology