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  Part of the Hombori uplands south of the River Niger

David N Hall and Lance Corporal Davies in Mali

A fuller account, an extract from a memoir of the expedition to Niger and Mali                          


The only sign post.  The goat skin on the side of the Land Rover kept water cool.

We were once again not far from the River Niger.

Timbuktu market provided fresh food
for us.

Goods came down the Niger to Timbuktu via a backwater.

When I took the pole, the locals were amazed at my ability.  Fossilised dunes in the background.

The boards were sealed with bound up reeds, but there was always water in the boats.


After some days in Timbuktu we went
to Mopti and crossed the river.

The Hombori uplands appeared first as a huge cake about 60 miles away.

Night fell on some weird shapes of Hombori.


Young ostrich mistaken my long legs
for their parents.

The lake where the local priest had called the crocodiles to take our chicken.

First one out of the lake snapped up our chicken.  Weeks later we heard that the priest had been eaten!


We passed through winter forest.

and then into rain forest.

A happy welcome in Ghana.

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