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  In 1962 David N Hall, on completion of a tour with the Ghanaian army and the United Nations, spent three months leave in the Southern Sahara accdompanied by LCpl Davies, starting in Niger and then going on to Mali.

This is an opportunity to make use of some of the pictures he took, and illustrate the life and environment there in 1962.

David N Hall and Davies in Mali

A fuller account of the expedition to Niger and Mali

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It was a long journey to the River Niger at Niamey.

From there up to Kidal (featuring in 2012 news) near the border with Algeria

Then off by camel with our guide for the journey, Saladin.

Saladin, armed with an old rifle with a bandolier around his neck.

Saladin has found recent foot prints.

The three travellers.  Wendel Wilkie Davies on the right.


Meeting a group of Tuareg involved drinking tea with them (three glasses), and dally till all glasses are cold.

Tuareg tinkers are a sect apart and looked down upon.  They work on materials using feet as well as hands.

Tools are simple, in this case a home-made adze.


A Tuareg women does the leather work and the dyeing of it

One camel was ill, and Saladin cured it by cutting and bleeding it.

The countryside was sometimes rather boring.


Reloading after lunch.  The green cans contained water, though the plastic gave it a nasty taste.

David N Hall with some Tuareg travellers.


At the post of Agelhoc author and traveller Barbara Toy gave us oranges from Algiers.